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About Us

Briton International English School was established in March 1996 on Jl. Botolempangan, Makassar, Indonesia. In the year 2000, due to rapid growth and expansion, Briton moved to Jl. Arief Rate No. 29. Briton English Education initially focused on job seekers and assisting them in finding employment while exposing them to English conversation and increasing their workplace skills.

Along with the improvement and the need for new courses, we expanded and opened a second building at Jl. Lasinrang No. 57 in 2002. The new building was built to cater for Young Adults and Young Learners students. Due to the success of the established courses, in year 2002, Briton further expanded with new business courses to accommodate The English Graduate Diploma course.

Briton is always committed to the excellence of English teaching and for the last seven years has shown marvellous improvements. Our school holds the reputation as being the leading and most dynamic English language centre in East Indonesia under the authorisation of the University of Cambridge ESOL Examination, UK since 2001. Briton currently teaches 1500 full-time students per month and has an outstanding alumni of 30.000 students since its’ first establishment.

We continuously strive to maintain our reputation and performance by providing the best learning facilities and teaching process for the students. In the early 2004, Briton English Education will open new branches in Jogjakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Mataram, Manado and Kalimantan.

If there is a need to study English, Briton already has a tailor-made course that will suit you and your company.

The Team Profile & Academic Staff__________________

Briton International English School is supported by internationally-qualified and well-experienced team of English teachers. Our team of English teachers consists of both English native speakers and Indonesian teachers. Both of our Native and Indonesian English teachers are well-prepared to give a new experience of English learning to students who seek the best English education in Indonesia.

As an assurance of our excellence, Briton only employs English teachers with international qualifications. Our English native speakers hold the International teaching qualification known as Cambridge CELTA/DELTA (Certificate/Diploma of English Language Teaching for Adult, awarded by the University of Cambridge ESOL examinations, UK or the TESOL from Trinity College London. All of our Indonesian teachers hold a degree in English Language teaching and are regularly trained in the issues of English teaching & learning every year.

An authorized Centre of Cambridge ESOL Examinations

Briton has been an authorized centre of the world famous Cambridge ESOL Examinations since 2001.

Cambridge ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Examinations is a globally recognized international examination body, serving many tests and examinations, such as KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC, IELTS & CELTA or DELTA.

The Cambridge ESOL system supports and maintains a quality higher education, which satisfies the requirements for most of the western world. The system abides by the strictest regulations, ensuring vital proof and evidence of the highest integrity.

Therefore, English language proficiency levels are strictly followed, achieving an adequate standard of English throughout the higher education levels or in the corporate spheres, where recruitment, career guidance, staff training and development occur.

Standard Academic of Excellence____________________

Briton International English School has a reputation as one of the best English courses in Indonesia. We assure the highest standard of teaching by employing well-qualified teachers that will enhance the quality of the students’ competence. Our performance has shown such accomplishment that we have received international recognition by the world renowned University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations, UK.

The students of Briton English Education will be awarded international certificates from Cambridge University over a wide range of skills and age levels including Flyers for young learners, First Certificate of English (FCE), the Certificate of Advanced English (CAE) or IELTS for General English students and Business English Certificate (BEC) for Business students upon successful completion of their studies and tests.

These certificates will provide students’ with an internationally recognized standard of English language proficiency.

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